Plasti-Tech HDPE Drainage System

Plasti-Tech launches a complete SDR26 HDPE drainage system that includes pipes, fittings, connection fittings, traps and sanitary fittings available in both electrofusion and butt-weld joining methods. The HDPE drainage system is suitable for both below and above ground drainage systems used in building drainage, conventional roof drainage as well as symphonic drainage and waste drainage.

Gravity drainage vs. Siphonic drainage

Conventional (gravity-fed) roof drainage systems rely on gravity and water’s ability to spread out and flow to the lowest point – channelling from the roof down through the gutter, outlets and downpipes to the ground below. As water enters the downpipe, air is also drawn in and this significantly reduces the drainage capacity, making it less efficient. Additionally, gutters tend to get clogged with leaves and other debris. Blocked pipes and gutters cause the water to pond on the roof, which then may cause damage to the roof, at the very least. By contrast, a fully-engineered siphonic roof drainage system contains an anti-vortex plate that acts as a baffle and prevents air (and debris) from entering the piping system at full flow, allowing the pipes to completely fill up with water. The water is sucked or siphoned from the roof down into the drain at high velocity. The lack of air and the downward pull of the water creates a vacuum, making the drainage process fast and efficient.