Plasti-tech launches ‘budget’ range of plastic pipe welding equipment

[Johannesburg, 20 May 2019]: Thermoplastic piping specialist, Plasti-Tech has launched a ‘budget’ range of plastic pipe welding equipment to meet the needs of a price-sensitive South African market.

In a market that is driven by price, Plasti-Tech has launched a Chinese manufactured range of plastic pipe welding equipment from Suda. The Johannesburg-based thermoplastic piping specialist will offer a full range of products from Suda Plastic Pipe Welding Machinery.
“The Chinese manufactured Suda machines are of very high quality, and are a cost-effective alternative to our high-end range of welding equipment manufactured in Germany,” explains Brad Chamont, managing member at Plasti-Tech.

Chamont says the decision to offer these machines was driven by the price-sensitive nature of the local market. “For this reason, we decided to source a ‘budget’ range of plastic pipe welding equipment that comes at a significantly lower price without compromising quality. Our competitive edge with the Suda range will be the price, quality and availability,” he adds.
Suda Plastic Pipe Welding Machinery offers a wide range of products, including HDPE butt welders, workshop fitting machines and HDPE pipe cutting saws.

Suda offers a wide range of hydraulic butt fusion welding machines, with over 16 models available to choose from – all the way from the SUD160H to the SUD2500H. The range is suitable for welding plastic pipes and fittings.

Some of the key features of Suda’s hydraulic butt fusion welding machines include the removable PTFE-coated heating plate with separate temperature control system; an electric planning tool with reversible double cutting edge blades; a hydraulic unit which provides the machine with compressing power; and low starting pressure, which ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes.

Suda’s common manual butt fusion welding machine is suitable for welding plastic pipes and fittings. The range is made from lightweight aluminium material, making it easy to carry and transport. It consists of a planning tool, heating plate, basic frame and support.