SAPPMA Conference

The SAPPMA conference was attended on 27-28 October by our Director – Brad Chamont and our external sales executives Fonnie Meek and Jean Emmenis. Plasti-Tech showcased its wide-range of piping systems and solutions, while benefiting from the gathering of industry speakers to learn about the best-practice designs and applications, sharing ideas and discussions about the latest innovations about plastic pipe manufacturing and installations. Click here for more information

The theme of the 2019 PIPES XII Conference was, “Not all plastics are alike”, topics covered at this bi-annual event centre around issues relating to HDPE and PVC pipe quality, production and manufacturing trends, installation standards, challenges and new international application trends. Speakers from a wide variety of different industries and countries present in order to present delegates as wide a range of different viewpoints on topics that directly affect their professions.

The feedback received by our representatives was positive……